Developing thought-leadership status is the best form of legal marketing, because it enables law firms and legal-tech vendors to establish trust with their audience and build authentic relationships with clients. Law firms and legal-tech vendors can generate more business opportunities this way because it allows them to take up space in their audience members’ minds as subject experts. 

Aside from speaking behind the podium and publishing online blogs and journals, law firms and legal-tech vendors have been using innovative digital tools to show off their expertise. Podcasting, specifically, has become popular in the last several years. Any lawyer with a podcast will standout and it even will increase your bottom line. 

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Based on Green target’s 2019 State of Digital & Content Market Survey, and contrary to conventional belief, decision-makers in corporate legal departments and

across the C-Suite, rank video as their least preferred content type. Ten percent of respondents give video their lowest preference while 27 percent of them rank “podcasts” highly as a content vehicle they preferred.

Most podcast listeners consume podcasts, stated simply, to learn something. It is the perfect opportunity for law firms and legal-tech vendors to educate the market. Law firms and legal-tech vendors know important things some of which their audience does not. If done well and consistently, then a lawyer can build a good online following. 

Podcasts can plant a subconscious seed in listeners who might be looking for legal advice at present or later down the road. They may know someone else in need of that expertise. The listeners will be better informed about current developments in the law; they will get a sense of who you are and what it would be like to work with you; and most importantly, they will enjoy the process of hearing your discussion about an area of interest to them.

In the event that somebody calls your office searching for free legal advice, you don’t need to dismiss them anymore – you can just direct them to your podcast, where they can get all the free information they need.

Perhaps the most ideal approach to expand a law practice is through referral pipelines. Your podcast makes this amazingly simple to do, it gives you a legitimate reason to contact potential referral sources and give something of significant worth to them – a platform to recount their story, giving extra incentive to your listeners and the prospective clients. You can utilize your podcast to reach out to individuals who you may not otherwise meet.

Podcasts are becoming a more broadly utilized marketing tool, in part because of its lower barrier to entry. Your podcasts can introduce you to a new audience of potential customers. People can only spend a minute or two on their website, but they can easily spend 20 to 30 minutes on a podcast. 

While podcasts are more cost-effective than video production, a high-production quality and engaging content are critical for podcasts to be effective. Here at LawLux we have partnered with Legal Talk Network (LTN), an industry-leading podcast network for legal professionals, to bridge innovative legal projects with first-in-class legal podcasting. Through this strategic partnership, LawLux can seamlessly integrate your podcasts with other aspects of your marketing strategy and portfolio. We can provide you with expert insights with LTN syndication and professional services particularly.


Legal Talk Network is a podcast network for legal professionals with hosts from well-known organizations and brands in legal, including the American Bar Association, Thomson Reuters, the State Bar of Texas, The State Bar of Michigan, Robert Half Legal, Above the Law and Clio. The network averages over 250,000 monthly downloads and has more than 28 active podcasts that cover industry trends and events, important legal news and developments, including access to justice, law school, diversity, legal technology, and the future of law. 

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