Many businesses scoff at social media and think it’s just about sharing family photos or for visual businesses. It’s a mistake to overlook this vital component of your digital marketing strategy. Over 3.6 billion people visit social media daily, and that number will only increase.

When building a marketing plan, social media needs to be included for the best results. Why?

  • Builds trust and authority
  • Helps control the flow of conversation
  • Reputation management
  • Adds a human element, showing empathy
  • Creates a cohesive message
  • Brand awareness
  • Customers expect to find you online
  • Generates leads
  • Offers you insights to clients and future clients
  • Can help keep ad spend down

Understand that digital marketing and social media are more than advertising. It’s become a two-way conversation in business with the adaptation of social media. People rely on a business for helpful resources and to decide which company to turn to. Many people will search a company and their history online before contacting them.

What kind of presence does your law firm have? Do you know what’s being said about your brand? Are you controlling the conversation, or simply letting others mention you and hoping it’s enough?

Build trust and authority: By offering genuine, helpful advice and information, you’re showing potential clients that you’re not only a leader in the industry, but you care that they have access to the best information available. You’re putting their needs first. That trust is what builds relationships.

Reputation management: You have a choice, you can control the conversation or hope to change the ebb and flow if somebody else controls it. In the legal industry, reputation management is crucial. With plenty of competition, clients aren’t going to settle for a law firm with poor reviews or complaints.

Show another side of your business: Empathy is an important element when it comes to customers. If they’re at the point of reaching out to a law firm, they’re already going through something frustrating or difficult. Showing them you’re empathetic to their situation goes a long way in securing their confidence.

Keep your message and brand cohesive: By having a similar tone and voice in multiple places like social media combined with your web presence, you have the opportunity to make a cohesive connection and firm your brand up in a customer’s mind.

Keep ad spend down, while understanding your clients: You get insights, and that data can go a long way in helping you retarget those who may become your future clients. This is amazing information available at your fingertips. Why would you walk away from this analytical gift? It’s easy to not take social media seriously if you’re only looking at it from one perspective, but it’s a grave mistake. Time has passed. Social media isn’t going anywhere, and people start to question why a business doesn’t have a presence. Things have changed. Clients want to be able to reach out, have a two-way conversation and learn why they should choose your business. Don’t give them every reason in the book to find somebody e

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